Quick Look at Best CPA Prep Course Reviews and Rankings

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If you’ve read any articles on the best CPA exam review courses, you’ve probably noticed the tendency to focus on the fact that AICPA pass rate releases show half of all candidates don’t pass the CPA exam on their first try.

But let’s flip that perspective. Although it’s true that roughly 50% bomb the CPA exam the first time, half do pass. And you need to focus on what these candidates do right. So, what exactly sets the successful half apart from the others?

Picking the right CPA review program to steer their studies.

As much as we might wish that getting a degree in accounting was all the investment needed to pass the CPA Exam, that’s just not the case. Picking the right CPA exam review course can truly make or break your results. But this can be hard to do when a quick Google search sends you to the websites of tons of CPA review course providers, all telling you they’ve got the best CPA review course on the market.

This is where we step in.

We’ve done the heavy lifting, diving deep into the world of CPA study materials, to help you be part of that successful half. Here’s how:

  1. Hands-On Experience: We didn’t just skim through; we’ve tested out each and every review course, immersing ourselves in the content. We’ve taken detailed notes on all of their features — the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  2. Expert Opinions: We’ve sought the opinions of industry experts like our partner Ken Boyd. He’s not just any expert; he’s a renowned figure in the world of accounting and personal finance. Ken is the brains behind notable books in the “Dummies” series such as “Cost Accounting for Dummies” and “Accounting All-in-One for Dummies.”
  3. Broad Research and Reviews: Beyond our hands-on testing and expert consultations, we’ve also scoured user reviews, feedback forums, and student testimonials. From Trust Pilot to Reddit, we’ve got the scoop on what actual CPA candidates think about these CPA review courses. This ensures we get a holistic view of each CPA review course from multiple perspectives.
  4. Direct Conversations with Providers: We don’t just rely on secondary information. We’ve reached out and spoken directly to the providers themselves, from Becker CPA reviews to others in the industry. This gives us an inside look into their methodologies, updates, and unique selling points, ensuring our evaluations are thorough and informed.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an in-depth comparison of the best CPA review courses of 2024 to help you make an informed decision and achieve your dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

Here are our top seven picks of CPA review courses that are sure to help you pass the CPA exam.

1. Becker CPA Review Course

Endorsed by All Big 4 Accounting Firms and Reviewers

Becker CPA Review comes from one of the oldest and most respected companies in the CPA prep game. They have helped thousands and thousands of candidates all over the world pass the exam. Their real claim to fame is that they are endorsed by all of the big CPA firms and major universities in the US.

They’re also recommended by lots of former CPA candidates. Check out this Trust Pilot review below:

“Becker’s CPA program was highly effective in helping me study and pass the CPA exams. I just finished my last test and after passing all four first time around with scores in the mid to high 80’s, I don’t know how I would have done it without Becker. I followed the study plan very closely and did use the final review tool as well. I felt very prepared going in and couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”

Dawn Hill

Becker CPA Review Ratings

Kenneth W. Boyd

becker cpa review



Becker CPA Review Courses Package Options

Becker CPA Review offers four distinct course package options catering to different needs. The top-tier Concierge package, priced at $5,999, provides unlimited access to the course content, encompassing over 190 hours of instruction across 200 videos, in addition to 400+ SkillBuilder videos. It boasts a question bank of 8,500 questions, along with a bonus bank, and offers 400 digital flashcards. Moreover, students opting for this package receive support and various other features, indicated by four “Y” marks.

Next in line is the Pro package, priced at $3,799, which similarly provides unlimited access and retains the features of the Concierge, including the 7,400 question bank and the 400 digital flashcards. Unique to the Pro package is the ‘Back on Track’ plan.

The Premium package, costing $3,099, also offers unlimited access and has the same vast question bank of 7,400 and 400 digital flashcards. However, it lacks some of the features from the previous packages.

Lastly, the Advantage package is available for $2,499 with a 24-month access period. It provides the same large question bank and digital flashcards but offers fewer additional features than the other packages.

Becker Concierge Option

Recently, this top provider has developed an innovative solution to help you conquer the exam with ease. Their newest offering, Becker Concierge, takes CPA exam preparation to the next level.

With Becker Concierge, 300 students will have access to a dedicated team of experts and their own personal success coach, who will help them develop a customized study plan. Concierge CPA candidates can also receive up to 2 hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions. These sessions can be used to address any weak areas you may have and ensure you’re on CPA exam day.

All of the things listed in the Advantage, Pro, and Premium plans you’ll also get with Concierge. As an added bonus, Becker Concierge includes a one-year CPE subscription and CPE certificate, which will help you stay up-to-date with any changes in the field. This will make you a shoo-in for exam day success and your future career as a CPA.

And, if somehow you’re not exam-ready, you’re covered by the Becker Promise.

Why is Becker Our Number One?

So what makes them so great? Our team has combed through the reviews and spoken to those who have went with Becker and found the following points:

  • A simple user interface with performance-tracking graphics
  • Seamless integration between practice questions and lecture content
  • Machine learning technology to craft unique, optimized study plans
  • A curriculum that emphasizes techniques like spaced repetition and knowledge gaps

And, of course, there are mock exams, which are provided with each CPA exam review section.

There’s an interesting aspect to Becker’s mock exams that has attracted a lot of positive feedback from enrolled students. They call it the Becker Bump since it’s common to get higher scores on the actual CPA exam than you do on Becker’s mock exams.

As a result, this is one of the best ways to boost your score on a specific section, such as the notoriously difficult Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) test.

A final reason Becker is our number one pick is their live instruction packages. They just can’t be beaten by any other provider on this list. Their one-of-a-kind study resources elevate the value that comes from this review course, making it worth all its praise!

Of course, features vary depending on the review course selected. All courses come with:

  • Adapt2U Technology driven, custom practice tests 
  • Becker’s Exam Day Ready toolkit
  • Mobile App and Game
  • 14-day try-before-you-buy
  • Q&A database with thousands of solutions and explanations

Let’s break down all of these Becker CPA Review course pros a little further.


Impressive Success Rate: Becker’s CPA Review stands out with its outstanding track record, boasting an impressive 94% pass rate. This achievement underscores not just the quality of our program but also its effectiveness in preparing students for the CPA exam.

Experience Before Commitment: Before making any commitments, Becker offers prospective students a substantial preview of its program. Dive deep into over 31 hours of lecture material, navigate through a diverse set of 1,490+ multiple-choice questions, and engage with 100 TBS questions, all enhanced by our unique SkillBuilder videos. It’s an opportunity to experience and gauge the quality of our offerings firsthand.

SkillBuilder Videos: Gain an edge with our exclusive step-by-step tutorials, designed to navigate you through the most challenging CPA Exam tasks: the task-based simulations (TBS). Dive in to understand more.

Personalized Tutoring: Included in our Becker CPA Review Pro package, enjoy bespoke 1-on-1 sessions with our CPA-accredited experts. It’s an opportunity to address and overcome your topic’s challenges directly.

Flexible Learning Modes: Choose your preferred learning environment. Becker presents live lectures either online or in-person, tailoring them to students who seek deeper clarity on specific topics or sections. Enhance your understanding with our personalized touch.


Higher Price Tag: While some potential students might initially balk at the price tag associated with Becker’s CPA Review courses, it’s essential to view this investment through a broader lens. Admittedly, Becker’s packages come at a premium, but there’s a reason they command such a price: unparalleled quality and a track record of success.

Think about the long-term perspective: years from now, as a successfully established CPA, the initial cost of your review course will be but a distant memory, overshadowed by the accomplishments and opportunities your certification has brought you.

It is noteworthy to mention that a significant number of employers recognize the value of Becker’s comprehensive CPA Review, and many will sponsor or reimburse their employees for the course. Investing in Becker is not just spending money; it’s placing a bet on your future, a bet that has historically shown high returns for those who commit to the journey.

Becker also offers awesome discounts and financing plans, making it a lot easier to pay for their Premium, Pro, and Concierge subscriptions.

Bottom Line

With the backing of all four of the biggest accounting firms, Becker has long been the best of the best. Fortunately, this educational company continually innovates with new ways to help their students pass their CPA exams as quickly as possible. Plus, their money-back guarantee means that your investment is protected if you partner with Becker.

Becker CPA FAQ

Does Becker CPA Review offer live classes?

Yes! For students who prefer working with an instructor who lectures in real time, Becker’s LiveOnline courses are the perfect choice. Students can ask questions and receive responses from their teachers in real time: something that isn’t provided by many other CPA review course providers.

How can Becker help me save time studying for the CPA exam?

Becker’s comprehensive CPA review courses provide two methods to help students progress through their studies and pass the exam in record time. The first is their interactive Study Planner, which highlights key areas for students to study, and the second is an accelerated FastPass option that goes through all four exam sections in just three months.

2. Surgent CPA Review Course

Best Adaptive Learning Software

Surgent CPA Review is a relatively new course on the CPA prep market, but they aren’t a new company. Surgent has been providing CPE and other accounting study materials for several decades and has now released a complete set of CPA prep course materials.

Their niche: Surgent takes their experience educating elite accounting professionals and applies it to students and CPA candidates.

Image here**

This means students who take Surgent’s course can pass the entire exam faster than it takes other students to pass just one section of the test!

Surgent CPA Review Course Options

At first glance, Surgent’s array of CPA Review courses showcases a commitment to diverse study needs and budgets. The Ultimate Pass, priced at $1,999, appears to be a comprehensive powerhouse. Our review team was particularly impressed with its all-inclusive offering of unlimited access, over 350+ instructional videos, a colossal question bank of 8,800 MCQs, and the bonus of an additional 1,000 MCQs. Furthermore, the inclusion of printed textbooks, flashcards, a pass guarantee, and personalized one-on-one coaching set it apart.

For those who might not require the full breadth of the Ultimate, we found the Premier Pass to be a compelling alternative. At $1,599, it retains most of the Ultimate’s core features, including the expansive video library and question sets. However, while it comes equipped with printed resources, it does miss out on some of the Ultimate-exclusive perks.

The Essentials Pass, with its $999 price tag, appealed to our team as a streamlined yet robust option. It offers a similar digital experience as the pricier packages but pares back on physical materials, making it a fit for the digitally inclined student. Meanwhile, the Single Course option at $549 caters to students with targeted study needs, a feature we appreciated for its flexibility.

What we particularly like about Surgent’s offerings is their focus on adaptive learning. Every student undergoes an insightful assessment, resulting in a diagnostic report. Paired with a customized study plan, we found this approach optimizes study sessions, making them more efficient. Surgent’s adaptive learning technology is genuinely innovative, continually adjusting to students’ evolving strengths and weaknesses. This is further complemented by features like course category weighting and daily study planners.

For those leaning towards the Ultimate Pass, our review team believes it offers an unmatched premium experience. The bonus of an integrated test bank, audio lectures, rapid-response customer support, and the exclusive Surgent’s Excel® for Accounting Professionals course made it a standout.

All in all, our deep dive into Surgent revealed a suite of CPA Review courses that aren’t just comprehensive but are also tailored, adaptive, and student-centered. We believe Surgent provides more than just a course; it offers a personalized study journey for every CPA aspirant.

*surgent comparison chart

Why Surgent Stands Out in CPA Exam Preparation

Surgent has carved a unique niche in the landscape of CPA exam preparation, making it an excellent choice for many students. Surgent’s platform is a boon for those always on the move, seamlessly catering to on-the-go learners. At the heart of their approach is adaptive technology; this, combined with their digital platform, ensures that students receive a study plan meticulously tailored to their strengths and areas of improvement. But it’s not just about efficient studying—Surgent ensures deep understanding.

Their CPA exam review courses come with modeled answers, guiding students to grasp complex concepts truly, not just memorize them. For those on the fence, Surgent offers a risk-free introduction with a trial of their CPA exam prep courses. Last but certainly not least is their support system. Surgent’s support team has garnered praise for their rapid response, ensuring that CPA exam candidates always have a lifeline when they need it.

In essence, Surgent isn’t just about passing the CPA exam; it’s about fostering a confident, knowledgeable, and supported journey toward becoming a CPA.

But what are Surgent-led CPA candidates saying about their CPA review course materials? For one, they’re helping them pass the CPA exam. A Surgent CPA review user said this:

“I’m using it, passed audit with a 75, reg with an 85 and will take far next month. I enjoy it and their customer service is the best!” – Regulus3333″

Navigating through the intricacies of CPA exam preparation with Surgent, potential candidates will encounter a blend of advantageous offerings and a few considerations to ponder, as we delve into the pros and cons of their CPA review courses.


Efficient Preparation: Efficiency meets effectiveness with Surgent. Their adaptive learning model not only personalizes the study approach but also cuts down preparation time by 50% compared to conventional methods. This means students can achieve optimal readiness in half the time while still gaining a deep and thorough understanding of the content. It’s the best of both worlds: swift preparation without any cut corners.

ReadySCORE Indicator: Gone are the days of wondering if you’re truly prepared for the exam. Surgent’s ReadySCORE metric provides a clear indication of a student’s readiness. Utilizing an advanced adaptive learning algorithm measures a student’s grasp across all CPA Exam content, giving a real-time ReadySCORE to determine exam preparedness.

Confident Pass Guarantee: Surgent stands by its promise of quality. If students don’t pass on their first attempt, they are entitled to a refund. This assurance stems from Surgent’s comprehensive exam review materials, which arm students with all necessary information, ensuring their dedication translates into success on exam day.

Exceptional Value for Comprehensive Preparation: Surgent sets the gold standard for delivering unparalleled CPA exam preparation without breaking the bank. Each of their meticulously crafted packages, replete with top-tier resources and features, is astoundingly priced under $2,000. This ensures that students receive a holistic, high-quality study experience while also enjoying the most affordable pricing in the industry. It’s an unbeatable combination of excellence and economy.


Inconsistent Lecture Quality: While some of Surgent’s lecturers, like Liz Kolar, excel in breaking down concepts with clarity and precision, others seem to read from the materials, offering little additional insight merely. There are also discrepancies between the lecture PowerPoints and the recorded lectures, such as mismatched slides or altered details.

Occasional Inaccuracies: There have been instances where users have encountered erroneous questions that could mislead or confuse them. Even when these inaccuracies were reported to the editorial team, there seemed to be limited action taken to address them. Furthermore, typographical errors have been spotted, reflecting a possible lack of thorough proofreading.

Bottom Line

Surgent is the best CPA prep course for students looking to ace the CPA exam and start their careers the right way. The instructors are all highly qualified, and the entire course is backed by top-of-the-line adaptive learning technology, all packaged in a user-friendly and highly compatible format. If you need to prep quickly, choose Surgent.

Bottom Line

Surgent is the best CPA prep course for students looking to ace the CPA exam and start their careers the right way. The instructors are all highly qualified, and the entire course is backed by top-of-the-line adaptive learning technology, all packaged in a user-friendly and highly compatible format. If you need to prep quickly, choose Surgent.

Surgent CPA FAQ

Can I access Surgent CPA Review on a mobile device?

Yes! Surgent has designed all of their coursework to be compatible with a variety of mobile devices, whether they run Android or iOS. Furthermore, they have a companion mobile app with over 2,000 flashcards available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Unfortunately, these features are not compatible with e-reader devices such as Nooks or Kindles.

How good are the instructors at Surgent CPA Review?

Technology aside, an educational prep course is only as good as its instructors. Fortunately, Surgent CPA Review has a fantastic team of experts with ample professional and educational experience to write and teach their CPA review courses. Because of this, Surgent boasts a student pass rate of nearly 90%!