Best PMP Exam Simulator and Practice Exams

The Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is not a test you want to take lightly. Project manager students and professionals that include a dedicated study plan in their exam preparation are far more likely to succeed on this tough test than those that don’t. For that reason, it can be absolutely essential for you to use the absolute best PMP exam simulator at your disposal!

Of course, you should always consult the PMBOK guide provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) during your PMP exam preparation. But here’s something you might not know:

One effective PMP exam prep method is to use mock exam simulators and practice tests. That’s because you can practice questions that are very similar to the content on your exam. Additionally, this can be done in a simulated environment nearly identical to the actual exam. As a result, you can eliminate testing anxiety and distraction, allowing you to bypass test nerves and get the correct answers on exam questions!

With that in mind, we’ve reviewed some of the top exam simulators and test-taking courses on the market today to bring you the best possible resources for your studies. With these study materials, some hard work, and a little luck, you should be able to pass the exam on your first try!

Keep reading to find out how the top four PMP certification practice test courses measure up!

  1. Brain Sensei PMP Exam Simulator
  2. PM Exam Simulator
  3. Velociteach PMP Review
  4. SimpliLearn PMP Review
  5. Rita Mulcahy PMP Review

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1. Brain Sensei PMP Exam Simulator


Although Brain Sensei is mostly known for their unique storytelling-based approach to project management education, they also offer traditional study materials like a full exam simulator. You’re free to pull from a library of more than a thousand practice questions and answer them in realistic PMP exam conditions: it’s not any more complicated than that!

Brain Sensei’s PMP Exam Simulator includes:

  • 1,500+ practice questions
  • 3 full practice exams and 1 randomized exam
  • Glossary and Acronym tests with unlimited retakes
  • Student community and instructor support

As you can see, there are some extra features to supplement the core experience of simulating the PMP exam. These include practice tests with free retakes that are realistically aligned to the actual PMP exam and pull from a large library of practice questions. By mastering all the important acronyms and other terms covered in the included glossary, you’ll know all the relevant terminology to effectively communicate with your team as a PMP.

Additionally, you won’t be stuck studying by yourself. All enrolled students can access a private Facebook group with open discussion on anything to do with the PMP exam or project management in general. And if you run into any issues when accessing any component of this study package, Brain Sensei’s excellent support team is readily available to quickly address your questions.


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2. PM Exam Simulator Review

PM Exam Simulator - Our Favorite PMP Simulators

Do you have any testing anxiety about the PMP certification exam? Maybe you’re just looking for the most thorough and well-stocked study guide. Either way, PM Exam Simulator is hands-down the best option for you! This simulator, created by salty vet Cornelius Fichtner, offers not one but three different testing styles to prepare you for the PMP exam! 

That’s because this online course offers three different exam modes depending on where you are in your exam prep journey. Here they are:

  • Learning Mode, which provides hints and answers for each question with no time limit.
  • Timed Mode, which provides those hints and answers within a time limit.
  • Real Exam Mode, which simulates the actual PMP exam experience.

You can repeat these exams as many times as you like to ensure you have a firm grasp on PMP exam test concepts!

PM Exam Simulator’s test bank has also been updated to reflect the most recent exam changes. That means you won’t encounter any surprises on your exam date! Plus, you have a wealth of complete exams to practice on, with eight exams for PMP available in the web-based simulator. 

However, the best feature of this PMP preparation program is its price. PM Exam Simulator is $149 for 90-day access. That being said, if you still want more confidence in your purchase, they offer a free 3-day trial to ensure this is the best product for your PMP exam studies!

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3. Velociteach PMP Review

Velociteach offers three different packages for students interested in PMP practice exams. Practice Tests A, B, and C are all based on the 6th edition of the PMP exam; they also offer 4 contact hours and a certificate of completion, making it an excellent option for established project managers who need CPE credits.

Although each of these three PMP exam simulators only take around 4 hours to complete, you have your choice as to how long of an access period you need. Whether you’re looking to brush up on those core concepts in a week, a month, or three months, you’ll only need to pay for what you need! Ultimately, this is what makes Velociteach one of the best budget picks for PMP practice exams.

4. Simplilearn PMP Review

Although they don’t currently offer standalone PMP practice exams, Simplilearn does offer an enticing PMP exam simulator package with plenty of practice questions. Students who enroll in their Self-Paced Learning tier will have access to 7 simulations with 200 questions each: 1,400 questions in total.

Additionally, this independent study-focused program offers supplementary exam prep content that can provide greater value for all PMP candidates. This includes industry-based case studies and scenarios and excellent student support.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that this option is fairly pricey due to the inability for students to purchase access to Simplilearn’s PMP exam simulators separately. However, they do offer discounts and a money-back guarantee that will ensure you don’t waste a single cent!

5. Rita Mulcahy PMP Review

Also known as RMC Learning Solutions, this company offers what they refer to as a “course-in-a-book.” Thanks to the expertise of company founder Rita Mulcahy, their PMP practice exams really do live up to this unique claim to fame.

Whether you prefer to study and work on PMP exam simulators with a physical textbook or on a computer/smart device, RMC Learning has you covered. The same award-winning, best-selling textbook is available in both formats. In fact, you can even access it as a cloud-based subscription to save some money!

With over 400 practice questions peppered throughout, this book makes for a terrific study resource regardless of your previous knowledge level. Unfortunately, the only downside to this option is that you can’t receive any PDUs or contact hours by working with these PMP practice exams. For that, you’ll need to shell out the cash for one of Rita Mulcahy’s full PMP prep courses.

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