Looking for the best online real estate schools in Arizona? We’ve got you covered.

Real estate is a lucrative career path, especially if you live in Arizona. According to Ziprecruiter, Arizona real estate agents earn an average annual salary of $87,414, but senior positions can earn upwards of $70,000 annually.1

However, it can be very difficult to become a licensed real estate agent. You must complete 90 hours of pre-licensing courses and pass the real estate license exam at an accredited ADRE school.2 Luckily, this work can be completed online instead of in person, which gives you plenty of options for schooling.

I’ve gone ahead and looked at the most popular online real estate schools in Arizona in order to make things easier for you. Each of these education options has something special to offer, but they appeal to different kinds of students. Read on to see what the 5 best real estate schools are in Arizona.

The Best Arizona Real Estate License Prep

  1. Aceable Agent Real Estate Prep
  2. PrepAgent RE Arizona License Prep
  3. The CE Shop Arizona Real Estate License Prep
  4. Compucram Arizona Real Estate License Prep
  5. Mbition Arizona Real Estate License Prep
  6. PDH Academy Arizona Real Estate

#1 Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent students have a great deal of freedom when preparing for the real estate exam. Anyone signing up can take video or audio lectures or self-study with some textbooks. Plus, lessons can easily be supplemented by completing a few practice problems or sitting in on a live webinar. Aceable Agent has you covered no matter what your preferred learning style.

Signing up for this online Arizona real estate course will give you:

  • 75 Video Lessons
  • 70 Audio Lessons
  • 1700+ Practice Problems
  • Real Estate Ebook
  • Live Webinars

Prices vary based on what course features you’re interested in using. Self-study students may be satisfied by the Essential or Deluxe plans for $531 and $700, respectively. Both of these offer different types of on-demand materials, such as lectures or ebooks. Alternatively, people interested in live learning can try out the $893 premium plan, which provides access to live webinars and tutoring.

  • Live Q&A: Every Friday, Aceable Agent hosts a live Q&A session for any student who wants extra information on what they’re learning.
  • Private Tutoring: Premium courses come with the option to schedule a 1-hour tutoring session with your teacher.
  • Easy to Understand: Aceable Agent doesn’t bludgeon you with jargon and industry terms out the gate. Instead, they break things down into easy-to-understand language while teaching.
  • Reading Material: The eBooks included with Aceable Agent provide a bigger picture of the industry you’re looking to enter, providing a more comprehensive education about the industry that can help you take the next step after earning your license.

Bottom Line:

Any student interested in an Arizona real estate career would benefit greatly from completing one of Aceable Agent’s courses