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OnCourse Learning Promo Codes

Below you’ll find our exclusive OnCourse Learning promo code for OnCourse Learning mortgage education courses.

OnCourse is a leader when it comes to lending education and offers convenient online training for every state.

Are you still trying to figure out where to begin when it comes to training options?

Whether you’re getting a new license or looking for late continuing education, OnCourse learning promo codes exist to make this process easier and more affordable.

OnCourse Learning Coupon Code for New Licensing

If you are not licensed in a U.S. state, you must take a 20-hour new mortgage loan officer licensing course. This course must meet the SAFE Act pre-license education on top of individual state requirements. 

Whether you’re looking for instructor-led courses, webinars, live classes, or a self-paced journey, pre-licensing options are available through OnCourse Learning.

These course timelines range from 3 to 14 days.

When you use their smart search option and a corresponding OnCourse Learning coupon code, you’ll be on the path to getting prepared to pass the NMLS mortgage license exam the first time.

OnCourse Learning Coupon Code for NMLS License Exam Prep

Not a new mortgage officer?

OnCourse Learning promo codes are also available for different mortgage officer needs. 

Roughly half of those who take the NMLS License Exam earn a failing score. This is why it is so important to take advantage of discounted test prep services and study, study, study.

You can use an OnCourse Learning coupon code to get access to their PrepxL online self-paced study tool at a discounted rate. 

Need more structure?

OnCourse Learning coupon codes are also available for their instructor-led, live webinars. 

OnCourse Learning Promo Coupons for Continuing Education

Are you already an MLO but need options for continuing ed? 

All licensed MLOs are required to complete at least 8 hours of continuing education annually. This training must be NMLS-approved.

OnCourse Learning offers both a 7-hour and 8-hour online course. Over 200,000 MLOs have used these courses to fulfill their continuing ed requirements.

Behind on your continuing education? Unable to renew your license because you’re not up to date with your MLO credits? 

OnCourse Learning has approved late continuing education options. These courses are offered through both text and video.

OnCourse Learning Promo Code for Professional Development and Mortgage Education Courses

One really great thing about the OnCourse Learning promo coupons offered is that they aren’t only good for licensing courses and continuing education credits.

OnCourse Learning offers over 100 skills courses that cover a number of topics. These courses can help you elevate your career in a unique way.

Some of the most popular offerings focus on:

  • Ethical advertising
  • Credit report analysis
  • Appraisals
  • Time management
  • Public speaking
  • Sales techniques
  • URLAs

OnCourse Learning even has a Mortgage HQ subscription service that allows access to a web-based suite of courses, news, tools, and more. 

Hearing from the OnCourse Community: User Reviews and Testimonials

The true testament to OnCourse Learning’s efficacy lies in the experiences of its users. Let’s hear from some of the testimonials from OnCourse users:

  • Sarah T., Mortgage Consultant: “Transitioning into the mortgage sector was a daunting task. The plethora of courses and the looming NMLS exam were intimidating. OnCourse Learning, with its structured courses and expert-led webinars, made the journey seamless. I cleared my NMLS exam on the first attempt, thanks to their comprehensive resources.” – Source
  • Miguel R., Loan Officer: “Continuing education is vital in our industry. OnCourse Learning’s courses are not just about ticking a box; they genuinely enhance your knowledge. Their courses on ethical advertising and credit report analysis have been invaluable in my day-to-day work.” – Source
  • Linda K., Senior Mortgage Advisor: “I was skeptical about online courses, but OnCourse Learning changed my perspective. Their interactive sessions, real-world examples, and the convenience of learning at my own pace made all the difference. I highly recommend their courses to both newcomers and seasoned professionals.” – Source
  • Brian L., Mortgage Customer: “The site is easy to navigate and find my correct courses. The price is very fair and competitive. The information covers nearly all aspects of the legal side of mortgage lending.” – Source

Unlocking the Power of OnCourse Learning: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the world of mortgage education can be daunting, especially with the myriad of courses available. OnCourse Learning stands out as a beacon for those seeking quality education in the lending sector. With our exclusive OnCourse Learning promo code, you can embark on a journey of comprehensive mortgage education tailored for every state. But what truly sets OnCourse apart? Let’s delve deeper.

Why OnCourse Learning is a Game-Changer in Lending Education

OnCourse Learning isn’t just another name in the industry; it’s a leader. According to a 2019 report by the Mortgage Bankers Association, the demand for mortgage education has surged, with professionals seeking courses that offer real-world applicability. OnCourse meets this demand by offering online training that’s not only convenient but also state-specific. This ensures that learners get the most relevant information, setting them up for success in their respective regions.

For those new to the mortgage sector, figuring out the right training option can be overwhelming. Whether you’re on the path to acquiring a new license or catching up with continuing education, OnCourse provides a streamlined solution. And with our promo codes, this high-quality education becomes even more accessible.

Embarking on a New Licensing Journey with OnCourse

If you’re stepping into the U.S. mortgage sector without a license, there’s a structured path ahead. A mandatory 20-hour new mortgage loan officer licensing course awaits, designed to align with the SAFE Act’s pre-license education criteria and individual state requirements.

But why is this licensing so crucial? A study by the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) highlighted that licensed officers have a higher success rate in the industry, with clients showing increased trust in their expertise. OnCourse recognizes this and offers diverse learning avenues to cater to different preferences:

  • Instructor-led courses: For those who thrive in structured environments, guided by industry experts.
  • Webinars: Real-time interactive sessions that allow for immediate queries and discussions.
  • Live classes: Engage with peers and experts in a traditional classroom setting, but online.
  • Self-paced journey: For the independent learners, move at your own pace, ensuring thorough understanding.

Depending on the chosen method, these courses span from 3 to 14 days. And with OnCourse’s smart search option, coupled with our exclusive coupon code, you’re set on a trajectory to ace the NMLS mortgage license exam on your first attempt.

Mastering the NMLS License Exam with OnCourse Learning

The journey of a mortgage officer is filled with challenges, and one of the most formidable ones is the NMLS License Exam. Statistics from the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) reveal a startling fact: nearly half of the aspirants don’t make the cut on their first attempt. This underscores the importance of thorough preparation.

During my personal journey into the mortgage sector, I vividly recall the anxiety leading up to the NMLS exam. The vast syllabus and the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming. It was OnCourse Learning’s structured approach and comprehensive resources that made the difference for me. Their PrepXL online self-paced study tool was a game-changer. It allowed me to focus on areas I found challenging, ensuring I was well-prepared on exam day.

For those who, like me, benefit from a more structured learning environment, OnCourse offers instructor-led live webinars. These sessions provide an interactive platform to engage with experts, clarify doubts, and gain insights into the nuances of the mortgage industry.

Staying Ahead with Continuous Learning

In the ever-evolving landscape of the mortgage industry, staying updated is crucial. All licensed MLOs are mandated to undergo at least 8 hours of NMLS-approved continuing education annually. OnCourse Learning recognizes this need and offers both 7-hour and 8-hour online courses. Their courses are not just about meeting requirements; they’re about genuine skill enhancement. Over 200,000 MLOs have chosen OnCourse for their continuing education, a testament to their quality and relevance.

For those who’ve fallen behind on their continuing education, there’s no need to panic. OnCourse provides approved late continuing education options, ensuring you’re always in compliance and at the top of your game.

Professional Development with OnCourse Learning

In today’s competitive mortgage landscape, merely having a license isn’t enough. Professionals need to continuously hone their skills and stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. OnCourse Learning goes beyond traditional licensing and continuing education courses, offering a plethora of professional development courses tailored to elevate one’s career.

Diverse OnCourse Learning Offerings for Holistic Development

OnCourse Learning’s professional development courses span a wide range of topics, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to delve deeper into the intricacies of ethical advertising or want to master the art of credit report analysis, OnCourse has you covered.

For instance, their course on Appraisals provides an in-depth understanding of property valuation, crucial for any mortgage professional. Their Time Management course, on the other hand, equips professionals with strategies to optimize their workday, ensuring they can handle the fast-paced demands of the industry.

First-Hand Experience: The Power of Public Speaking

One of the courses that personally transformed my professional journey was OnCourse Learning’s Public Speaking course. In the mortgage sector, effectively communicating complex concepts to clients is paramount. This course not only taught me the techniques to deliver impactful presentations but also instilled the confidence to address large audiences. The skills I acquired have been instrumental in client interactions, team meetings, and industry seminars.

Sales Techniques and URLAs: The Game Changers

In the world of mortgages, selling isn’t just about pushing products. It’s about understanding client needs, building trust, and offering solutions that truly add value. OnCourse Learning’s Sales Techniques course delves into the psychology of selling, providing insights into client behavior and effective persuasion techniques.

Additionally, the course on URLAs (Uniform Residential Loan Applications) is a must for any mortgage professional. With the recent updates to the URLA form, it’s essential to understand the nuances to ensure accurate and compliant submissions.

Mortgage HQ: Your One-Stop Resource Hub

Beyond individual courses, OnCourse Learning offers the Mortgage HQ subscription service. This web-based suite provides subscribers with access to a plethora of courses, the latest industry news, tools, and more. It’s an invaluable resource for professionals looking to stay at the forefront of the mortgage industry.

Why OnCourse Learning Stands Out

In the vast sea of online mortgage education platforms, OnCourse Learning shines as a beacon for its comprehensive approach, user-centric courses, and commitment to excellence. But what truly sets it apart? Let’s delve into some unique aspects that make OnCourse Learning the preferred choice for many.

  1. Tailored Learning Paths: Recognizing that every learner is unique, OnCourse offers multiple learning avenues, from instructor-led sessions to self-paced courses, ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit.
  2. Industry Expertise: OnCourse Learning isn’t just about theory. Their courses are crafted by industry experts who bring in real-world experiences, ensuring learners are equipped with practical knowledge.
  3. Affordability with Quality: With our exclusive promo codes, OnCourse Learning becomes an affordable option without compromising on quality. It’s a win-win for learners seeking top-notch education without breaking the bank.
  4. Continuous Updates: The mortgage industry is ever-evolving. OnCourse Learning ensures its courses are always updated, reflecting the latest industry standards and regulations.
  5. Community Building: Beyond courses, OnCourse Learning fosters a community of learners, encouraging discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking, enriching the overall learning experience.


In today’s digital age, the significance of comprehensive online education in the mortgage sector cannot be understated. Platforms like OnCourse Learning have risen to the occasion, offering tailored courses that resonate with the real-world challenges and scenarios faced by professionals. As the mortgage industry continues to evolve, leaning on trusted educational platforms becomes essential. OnCourse Learning, with its blend of practical insights and industry relevance, stands as a beacon for those seeking to navigate the complexities of the mortgage world with confidence and expertise.

Now, go and get your OnCourse Learning promo codes here and start learning and earning!


How often does OnCourse Learning release new promo codes?

OnCourse Learning periodically releases promo codes, especially during festive seasons, promotional events, or when launching new courses. It’s advisable to check their official website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest offers.

Can I use multiple promo codes for a single course purchase?

Typically, OnCourse Learning allows the use of only one promo code per purchase. However, it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions associated with each promo code to ensure you get the best deal.

Do the promo codes have an expiration date?

Yes, most promo codes from OnCourse Learning come with an expiration date. It’s essential to use them before they expire to avail of the discounts.

Are there any exclusive promo codes for first-time users?

OnCourse Learning often offers special discounts for first-time users to welcome them to their platform. If you’re new, make sure to check out their ‘Offers’ section or inquire with their customer support.

I tried using a promo code, but it didn’t work. What should I do?

If a promo code isn’t working, it might have expired, or there could be specific conditions not met. It’s recommended to check the terms of the promo code or reach out to OnCourse Learning’s customer support for assistance.

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