Getting your real estate license in Houston, Texas is an excellent option to forge a path toward a new career. But the Texas real estate industry doesn’t allow you to just pick up a phone and start selling houses— you need to complete real estate education first. 

The best way to accomplish this is by enrolling in a Texas real estate license prep course to set yourself up for success. We’ve gathered the best options for online real estate courses and listed them below to save you the time and effort. 

Read on and get your dream career started!

Best Houston Texas Real Estate Schools

1. Real Estate Express: Best Real Estate School in Houston

real estate express

Real Estate Express has maintained a sterling reputation by serving thousands and assisting them in obtaining their real estate licenses throughout the Lone Star state. Holding accreditations from both IDECC and ARELLO, Real Estate Express meets the requirement set for Online Real Estate Schools, making it an excellent choice for your exam preparations. 

How to Get a Texas Real Estate License

Real Estate Express embraces modern learning styles as well as the old fashion textbook formulas that are tried and true. Included in this preparation package is an abundance of live content, 3 easy to read e-books that cover each necessary topic required by the state, a real estate dictionary, and a printed textbook.

  • Quality: 5 Stars
  • Quantity: 5 Stars
  • Access Period: 4 Stars
  • Price: 3 Stars
  • Final Score: 17/20

What Features Are Included With Real Estate Express?

  • 6 Required State Courses
  • Printed Textbook
  • 3 E-Books
  • Practice Exams Available Online
  • No Pass No Pay Guarantee

Real Estate Express Pros and Cons

  • Competitive Pricing: In addition to having the best collection of online real estate courses for Houston realtors, Real Estate Express is also priced extremely competitively. Even before you consider all the discounts that you can apply to your purchase, this is one of the most affordable resources for high-quality real estate education.
  • Instructor Support: If you want regular input from licensed professionals with experience in both real estate education and the career itself, Real Estate Express is a great fit. Even their lowest-priced courses allow you to communicate with experts and receive timely responses to any of your questions.
  • SAE Classes: In order to meet the Texas Real Estate Commission requirements, this real estate school offers Sales Agent Apprentice Education as part of its Exam Prep Plus and Ultimate Learning packages. This ensures you are able to meet the non-exam requirements for the Texas real estate license while also studying for the exam!
  • Success Guaranteed: Most of the real estate courses offered by this company come with a no pass no pay guarantee, making the whole experience much more secure than a lot of other choices. This means you’re guaranteed to earn the results you want the first time, or you’ll receive a full refund.

Bottom Line

Choose Real Estate Express if you want to prepare for a passing score on the exam, meet all your education requirements, and learn from experienced professionals with state-specific knowledge. Best of all, you can get all these features and more without spending a ludicrous amount of money.