Real Estate Express is now Colibri Real Estate, a national education company that is building the future of real estate education.

One of the most well known schools for real estate education is Colibri Real Estate (formerly Real Estate Express.

They offer online real estate courses for earning different licenses (i.e. sales, broker, appraisal, etc). Plus, you can easily pivot to their CE courses as soon as you’ve earned your license.

Read on to see exactly how Colibri can help you pass your real estate exam quickly and on the first try.

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Overview of Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate focuses specifically on online learning solutions for real estate professionals. Their focus on providing online courses enables students like you to start a real estate career quickly and affordably.

These courses have been around since 1996 and have helped over 520,000 aspiring real estate professionals. Knowing that, it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice for test prep.

Listed below are a few of the features you can expect from Colibri Real Estate:

  • 135 Hour Pre-License Course
  • State Approved Instructor Support
  • 3 Real Estate Ebooks
  • Exam Cram Video
  • Real Estate Dictionary
  • Pass Guarantee

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What’s Included With Colibri Real Estate?

Video Lectures

Video lectures are a major component of these real estate courses. These convey important real estate concepts in an easy to understand manner— which is especially appealing to anyone who prefers a visual learning style. This is largely due to the methods in which your instructors teach the materials.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent | Real Estate Express

Each lecture has a heavy focus on visual information. New concepts are introduced alongside visual aids, which are broken down on screen. Doing so tends to make the course much easier to understand. Plus, this is a much more engaging way to learn the course material. If you struggle to follow along with dry study texts, this is a fantastic feature for you to have while studying for your exams!

Live Instructor Support

Instead of just offering self-study resources, Colibri Real Estate encourages a blend of learning styles as the best way to teach their students. For example, their instructors are available for live help in a number of different ways— any student can ask their teacher a question and quickly receive a detailed answer.

If you upgrade to one of their premium packages, there are other support methods available as well.

People who pay for the Ultimate Learning package gain access to a 1 year professional development mentoring program. Completing this will allow you to learn essential real estate skills from another professional. Plus, it guarantees that you have the full focus of your mentor during the learning process. Enrolling in this mentorship program practically guarantees success— not just on your exams, but for your future career in real estate!

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CE Credits

Colibri Real Estate also has you covered beyond the licensing exam; their platform includes a wide range of Continuing Education courses. Each of these focuses on a specific element of real estate (new construction, real estate law, real estate finance, etc). Thanks to that, you can easily focus on the areas you specialize in. Doing so will help you build your professional knowledge as you maintain your certification.

Plus, Colibri Real Estate makes it easy to earn the credits you need.

Each of their CE packages are offered to help you easily build a course to fit your state’s real estate license requirements. For example, California requires 45 CE hours to keep your license— so Colibri Real Estate built their California CE packages to be 45 hours long. On top of that, these courses can be tweaked to focus on the specific areas of interest, which will help keep you engaged as you easily earn the credits you need.

Colibri Real Estate Offers and Pricing

Pricing for Colibri Real Estate is dependent on which course you’re interested in taking. They offer courses for Real Estate Licensing, Broker Licensing, and CE credits. Each of them has their own set of course tiers.

The prices for the courses are:

  • Real Estate Basics – $119
  • Real Estate Exam Preparation – $225
  • Real Estate Exam Prep Plus – $349
  • Real Estate Ultimate Learning – $449
  • Broker Basics – $319
  • Broker Ultimate Learning – $399
  • 45 Hour CE Package – $68.95
  • CE Plus Membership – $92

As you can see, you have plenty of options with Colibri Real Estate. Make sure to pick the one that best appeals to you!