Before you’re able to jump into the lucrative world of real estate, you need to get a California real estate license and pass the certification exam— which is no walk in Griffith Park. But don’t be deterred, there are many great real estate schools in Los Angeles that will prepare you to crush that exam, get your license, and be on your way to your shiny new career!

We’ve gathered the best real estate courses in Los Angeles so you can save time and money— check them out below!

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Los Angeles

1. Colibri Real Estate: Best Exam Prep Course in LA

If you’re looking for robust instruction options, inclusive pricing, and one of the best instruction experiences available, look no further than Colibri Real Estate. 

With course preparation options for many different states, Colibri Real Estate ensures that you’re receiving the necessary required learning to obtain your state’s real estate license in an effective and timely manner. 

How to Get a California Real Estate License

Included in their base preparation packages is 135 hours of pre-license courses, instructor support, and 3-e-books. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg— upgraded packages include practice exams, course prep cram webinars, and even a no-pass guarantee. Two big draws to Colibri Real Estate top tier price option are the 1-year membership to their professional development program, as well as a beautiful printed course textbook. 

  • Quality: 5 Stars
  • Quantity: 5 Stars
  • Access Period: 4 Stars
  • Price: 3 Stars
  • Final Score: 17/20

What Are The Features Included With Colibri Real Estate?

  • 135 Hours of Pre-License Courses
  • Printed Textbook
  • 3 E-Books
  • Practice Exams
  • No Pass No Pay Guarantee

Pros and Cons to Colibri Real Estate

  • Q&A Sessions: Signing up for one of Colibri Real Estate live courses provides you with the opportunity to ask direct questions to licensed instructors, which is an invaluable resource not always provided with online real estate courses. You can also contact state-specific instructors with their on-demand prep packages as well, although you may have to wait a day or two for
  • Digital and Physical Materials: The online real estate courses offered by Colibri Real Estate come with a combination of digital and physical study materials. Feel free to look through the hard copy textbooks included with the live online lecture courses if you need a break from staring at the screen!
  • Career Information Provided: Not sure what comes next after you earn your real estate license? Colibri Real Estate includes books with all their packages that go over how to start your career the right way after earning your license to sell.
  • Guaranteed Results: Thanks to Colibri Real Estate No Pass Guarantee, at no point are you gambling on your abilities to pass the exam when using their course to study for your real estate license.

Bottom Line

When looking for real estate course prep in Los Angeles, it’s hard to look past the great offerings on display at Colibri Real Estate. They have a compelling collection of materials in a wide range of formats that will not only help you earn your real estate salesperson license— they’ll also provide insight and guidance to help you start your real estate career!

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2. The CE Shop: Online Real Estate School Los Angeles

the ce shop

The CE Shop offers abundant course prep work in a self-paced, self-driven environment. While working through the necessary 135 hours required by the state of California, you will read through E-Books, practice with digital flashcards, and watch online webinars from the comfort of your home.

How to Get Your Real Estate License in California | The CE Shop

Another great feature of the CE Shop’s California real estate exam course is that each lesson comes paired with a simulated exam, so you can make sure that you’re experienced with the structure and time constraints well before your exam date.

  • Quality: 5 Stars
  • Quality: 5 Stars
  • Access Period: 3 Stars
  • Price: 4 Stars
  • Final Score: 17/20

Here Are Some of The CE Shop’s Features

  • 7 ½ Week Guided Study Schedule
  • 135 Hours of State-Approved Content
  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Bonus Courses on Building Your Real Estate Business

Pros and Cons to The CE Shop

  • High Success Rate: The CE Shop boasts a whopping 90% pass rate, a 95% student satisfaction rate, and a 30-day refund guarantee. This makes it extremely likely that you’ll achieve your real estate education goals and successfully enter the real estate business after using their course to prepare for your exam.
  • Guided Instruction: If you want some extra guidance when studying real estate principles, The CE Shop offers a structure study schedule taught by expert instructors that can guide you through the entire process. This includes lessons on how to achieve success in the Los Angeles real estate market!
  • Continuing Education: The “CE” in this course’s name stands for Continuing Education, which is required for all real estate professionals. The great thing about The CE Shop is that you can earn CE credits through their catalog, which saves you a few steps after earning your real estate license and starting your Los Angeles real estate career.

  • No Pass Guarantee: Unlike Colibri Real Estate, The CE Shop does not offer a pass guarantee. Therefore, it’s possible to take this course, not pass, and waste your money. If you’re concerned about this course’s ability to help you pass the real estate broker exam, you may prefer the extra protection offered by a course with a guarantee.

Bottom Line

Check out The CE Shop if you want a fully planned-out study schedule with a multifaceted catalog of materials that’s directly relevant to the California real estate market. Nearly 100% of students enrolled in this course were satisfied with their decision— so you’re likely to feel the same!


3. Aceable Agent: Los Angeles Real Estate License Exam Prep

aceable agent

Many students nowadays are working full-time while going to school, especially in Los Angeles. Aceable Agent is a great option for those who don’t have a ton of time to commit to structured class hours; their course prep is completely self-paced and driven by a self-starter attitude. Additionally, if you’re a student or worker with irregular hours available for studying, this might be a great choice to consider. 

AceableAgent Review - A Complete Walk-Through Of The AceableAgent Online Real Estate Course

Like other online courses, Aceable Agent includes the required 135 hours needed to prepare and qualify for the California Real Estate Exam. Also included is a textbook in the form of an online PDF, making it easy to study while on the go. Additionally, Aceable Agent includes 75 video lessons and 70 audio lessons to make your commute educational— as well as Q&A Webinars, practice exams, and live webinars 5 times a week. 

  • Quality: 5 Stars
  • Quantity: 4 Stars
  • Access Period: 3 Stars
  • Price: 4 Stars
  • Final Score: 16/20

Here’s What You Get With Aceable Agent

  • 70 Video Lessons
  • 70 Audio lessons
  • 135 Hours of Required Learning
  • PDF Textbook for Online Learning

Pros and Cons of Aceable Agent Real Estate Courses

  • Informative Webinars: If you’re interested in going beyond studying for the exam and want to fully understand the necessary real estate principles to succeed in your future career, Aceable Agent offers 1:1 tutoring and five weekly livestreamed seminars for Premium students. This is the best way to learn the most important lessons about the California real estate market from professionals!
  • Instructor Q&A: Even if you’re not enrolled in their Premium or Deluxe packages, Aceable Agent provides you with the option to directly contact your instructor for feedback or answers to your questions. Questions can cover any aspect of the real estate practice or business, and you can expect a fast response via email over a day or two.

  • Self Reliance Required: Self-Paced learning might not be for all students. Although it’s a great fit for aspiring professionals who are already on a tight schedule, it doesn’t provide the structure that some students may need to stay on track for a successful career. Consider a live course from Colibri Real Estate if you need a more structured schedule when preparing for a big test.

Bottom Line

Aceable Agent is the ideal course for self-motivated students who may not have an open schedule to study at the same time week after week. However, it doesn’t provide the same structure as an instructor-led real estate education— although it’s not hard to get extra help if you’re willing to ask for help!