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Yaeger CPA Review is one of the most popular CPA exam study guides on the market today. They have been helping thousands of CPA candidates become Certified Public Accountants for over three decades. This extensive history proves that their system works and continues to provide quality review materials to candidates all over the world.

This CPA exam review course is designed to be an interactive guide that integrates lectures, study text, notes, and practice questions in every lesson. Additionally, it explains difficult topics in great detail to candidates who may not understand them or simply need a refresher. Consequently, this prep course is perfect for people who have been out of school for a long time or candidates who simply feel uncomfortable with the topics and want more detailed materials. Yaeger is also a great resource for candidates who want detailed lectures that work through practice problems and questions, compared with other courses that only have a written explanation of practice questions.

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Yaeger CPA Review Course Format

Yaeger CPA study materials are categorized by topic in different chapters. Each chapter contains a series of lessons that are all accessible through the myYaeger student portal. Let’s look at what each lesson includes.

Yaeger CPA Review

Video Lectures

There are over 104 hours of Yaeger CPA video lectures presented by several different instructors. The videos are staged and filmed similar to an actual accounting classroom where the instructor presents information from the study textbook in front of a whiteboard. Furthermore, these lectures are pretty detailed and explain individual topics, transactions, and business scenarios brought up in the study text. They are a bit old-school in nature but extremely informative. Probably the most unique thing about these lectures is that students can pick different practice problems to go through at the end of each lecture. Additionally, candidates can follow along in their study text and listen to the rationale for each correct and incorrect answer. This helps show students how to properly approach an exam question.

Study Textbook

The highly detailed Yaeger CPA Review course textbook follows the information presented in the lectures. The books are much more detailed than the lectures and include many more examples and charts that aren’t covered by the instructors. The book is available in two different formats: printed and digital. The digital book is integrated into the myYaeger portal and can be accessed in each lesson even while videos are playing. Hence, this allows candidates to follow along in the digital book, makes notes, bookmark certain topics, and pause the video for more detailed explanations while the lectures are playing.

Yaeger CPA Review Testbank

The Yaeger test bank has over 4,300 past exam and practice questions in it. This is plenty of questions to prevent repeating the same questions over and over again. Like the rest of the course, the test bank is integrated into the student portal, so candidates can access topic-specific questions in each lesson or take a separate practice exam covering multiple chapters. The custom quizzes can be set up to cover any number of questions, topics, and time lengths.

Task-Based Simulations

Like any premium review course, Yaeger CPA Review includes many different task-based simulations that can be used to get a feel for what they are like on the real exam. These simulations cover many different topics and include several different formats.

Exam Simulator

Most review companies offer some type of exam simulator, but many don’t look exactly like the CPA exam. They are close but not exact. The Yaeger exam simulator is pretty close to the real thing. Its interface matches the AICPA interface and includes all of the same tools, timers, and numbering systems. You can use this in two different modes during your study process. The exam mode emulates the exam, is timed, and doesn’t show you any answers until you submit the quiz. The practice mode looks the same as the exam mode, but it shows you the answers and explanations after you answer the question. This is great for studying quickly and learning as you go.

Audio Lectures

Yaeger audio lectures are excellent for people who don’t have time to sit and watch an hour or two-hour video lecture at a time. Candidates with long commutes to work or busy schedules can listen to the audio versions of the lectures anytime on their phones or mobile devices.


  • Simple Teaching Approach: The lectures are easy to follow as they contain step by step instructions. At first, the lectures mainly focus on why you’re doing what you are doing to get the correct answer. They then teach you what you’re supposed to do and how to go about it in a very logical manner.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Yeager’s CPA instructors usually work hundreds of multiple choice questions with the aim of helping you to navigate through the tricky problems, giving you the repetition needed to pass the CPA exam. The questions are very comprehensive and explanations extremely useful in helping you learn why you got some questions right or wrong.
  • AICPA Blueprints: As previously mentioned, Yaeger’s use of AICPA Blueprints as inspiration for their curriculum makes their prep program highly accurate to the test itself, with regular updates every year to reflect any changes to the test.
  • Extremely Friendly Support: Yaeger CPA review offers a live instructor hotline for immediate personal supports better than any other review course. You can directly contact the instructors by phone or email for any help you may need almost anytime.
  • Flexibility: Yaeger CPA Course materials are available in 4 different formats including USB, DVD, Online, and Mobile Device. There are absolutely no limitations pertaining to the number of computers you can download them to. Besides that, there is no set restrictions access on the videos or course materials.
  • Message Boards: There is an open and supportive forum where you can easily post questions and problems. This forum plays an essential role of keeping you in touch with other students and see what other people are doing to pass their exam.
  • Yaeger CPA Discounts: Use a Yaeger coupon code to save on a great course. By taking advantage of a Yaeger CPA discount, you’ll have some money left over for your exam fees!


  • Old School Lectures: If you’re a student with a shorter attention span, this might not be the best fit program for you because it is very possible to get bored with the traditional video lectures. The lectures are structured very much similar to most college accounting classes and are a bit slower than an independent self-study type of learner would prefer. The average lesson length is usually about 30 to 60 minutes long. It can be difficult for people who want to split their studying up into smaller chunks of time.
  • Time Limit: Even though there is a new study at your pace’ option available for students, the regular course still has a time limit of 18 months. If you think you’ll need more time than that to pass all the 4 sections, you probably might want to look at another course with unlimited access.

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These flashcards cover topics in each lesson from key terms to multiple-choice questions. Candidates can use these flashcards either in printed form or digital to practice their knowledge of all topics presented in the lessons. They are also great to flip through on your phone while you are standing in line at Starbucks, waiting at the doctor’s office, or anywhere else you have a few minutes free.

Yaeger Cram Course

The Yaeger CPA Review cram course is included in the full review course. This is kind of a big deal because most other company either include it in an extremely expensive course or charge you an extra fee for a final review. Yaeger’s final review is included in the standard course for no extra charge. This is a great way to review all the important materials a week or two before your exam day.

That is pretty much all that is included in the Yaeger study materials. Let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks of this course compared with other courses on the market.

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Free Trial

Yaeger CPA Review offers a free trial for their full course! That way you can test drive it and see what you think before you buy it. It’s a great opportunity to use the course without putting any money down.

1-on-1 Instructor Support

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Yaeger over another course is their commitment to customer service. Other companies offer message boards or some type of email mentoring service, but nothing matches the one-on-one level of support that Yaeger offers. You can call or email the actual instructors at Yaeger with questions about the materials or the exam. They will reply within 24 hours. That’s awesome support!

Video Lectures

For candidates who want detailed video lectures, Yaeger won’t disappoint you. Their instructors walk through each concept in the textbook in great detail and explain every topic thoroughly. They even walk through past exam questions in the lectures to give you an idea of how to tackle them on the real exam.

Cram Course & Audio Lectures

Both of these features are included in the standard course. This is a big benefit seeing as most other courses require you to pay a separate fee for both!

Financing Options

Yaeger offer financing plans where you can pay low monthly payments over a period of time. This is a great option for those with tight budgets.


Yaeger offers a variety of discounts for candidates and students. Here are a few discounts that will save you a ton of money on your study materials.

Student discount: Yaeger gives students a 20% discount on their full review course. Click here to get 20% the full course.

Convert Discounts: If you purchased a review course from another company, Yaeger will give you a discount to stop using the other company start using Yaeger’s! Click here for more details.

Special Promo Coupons: Yaeger typically offers several different special promo discount coupons throughout the year. Click here to see the current promotion.


Expiration Date

The standard Yaeger study guide expires after 18 months. This means that if you are unable to pass all four sections of the exam in the 18-month window following the purchase of your review course, you will have to pay an extra fee to renew the materials in order to keep studying.

Old-School Teaching

Although the course is completely modern and the student portal is amazing, the teaching style in the lectures is similar to a University lecture. Thus, many candidates find the lectures informative but boring.


Yaeger CPA review is great for candidates who have been out of school for a long time and feel like they need a more detailed refresh of accounting information and concepts. International candidates also tend to gravitate towards this course over others. The lectures and textbook provide great detail in every lesson, so this is the course for you if you want more detailed explanations of topics and answers.

Yaeger CPA Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t Becker the best CPA review?

They’re good, but expensive. For 60 years, Becker’s CPA exam review courses have helped more than one million CPA exam candidates prepare for and pass this challenging exam. However, the study materials for all 4 parts the exam cost a whopping $3,499. By way of comparison, Yaeger’s unlimited access is just $1,589 (not to mention they’ve been in the game for over 30 years themselves).

How much is Gleim CPA Review?

Gleim’s review courses are extremely affordable, although it is still more expensive than Yaeger’s. The highest tier they offer is the Gleim CPA Premium Course, with a price tag of $2,999. By way of comparison, Yaeger’s unlimited access is just $1,589.

How can I pass the CPA exam while working?

If you don’t have a lot of free time to study for the CPA exam because of work, look for a CPA prep course with a great self-paced study program and mobile device compatibility.

How long is the Becker CPA Review Course?

With over 8,000 practice questions and more than 500 task-based simulations, Becker has enough content in their review course for several months worth of intense studying. They offer an access period of 24 months for their Advantage course and unlimited access for their Premium and Pro subscriptions.

Yaeger CPA

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