During a time period marked by uncertainty in the world, career positions that deal heavily in risk are on the rise. For actuaries this is an opportune time to work, as companies will seek out individuals that can help them enhance the overall success level of high level business decisions.

The process of becoming an Actuary can be difficult, especially if you’re bad at math. So if you want to make sure that you’re fully qualified to meet these challenges and become certified by the Society of Actuaries (SOA), check out our list of the best actuarial exam prep study guides.

1. AnalystPrep Actuary Exam Study Guide

Analyst Prep Course

AnalystPrep has over 25,000 happy customers, and it’s easy to see why. Their site boasts that 92% of their students recommend using their many certification courses, which range from financial analysis to FINRA and SOA exams.

AnalystPrep’s courses are split up to cover the SOA Exam P, SOA Exam FM, and SOA Exam IFM. WIthin each course you’ll encounter a specially designed curriculum to best prepare you for your exam of choice. 

Here’s an example of their video content:

Each individual course also comes with access to a Question Bank. It’s organized by topic and was designed to replicate the difficulty of the real exams. You can create unlimited customizable quizzes and get help from their support team if you encounter any issues.

But the best part by far is AnalystPrep’s performance tracking technology:

By using an advanced analytics algorithm, these SOA exam preparation products will follow your progress as you go. Additionally, this allows the software to provide you unique insights based on your performance. It also allows you to compare your progress against 20,000 worldwide users— which can give you a good impression of what percentile you might hit on exam day!

AnalystPrep Bottom Line

AnalystPrep’s courses are great at preparing you for exam day thanks to their focused curriculum and included question banks. It’s affordably priced and staffed by a great support team, so you can start your exam prep quickly and easily!