Practicing with the best CFA® mock exams is a great way to prepare and study for the chartered financial analyst exam. Working practice exams help test your understanding of the exam concepts and get you familiar with the layout and structure of the exam.

Knowing the layout and structure of the exam is extremely important. The last thing that you want on your exam day is to have an unwanted surprise when you open the testing software and find out you don’t know how to navigate through it. You don’t need any additional stress on your exam day. You want to be comfortable knowing how the testing program works.

Although understanding the layout is important, the biggest advantage of a CFA® practice exam is that you work on your test-taking skills. Using CFA® practice questions in a real exam environment will help you understand how questions are asked, what answers actually mean, and how to manage your time.

It’s no wonder why more than 75% of CFA® candidates use mock exams to prepare for the real thing!

Let’s take a look at a few different practice exams, their pros and cons, and how you can use them to prepare for your CFA® exam.

Best CFA® Mock Exams and Practice Exams

1. Best Overall CFA® Mock Exams: Wiley Efficient Learning CFA® Mock Exam

2. Runner-up: Analyst Prep CFA® Practice Tests

3. Honorable Mention: Salt Solutions CFA Practice Exams

Here are the top CFA exam prep courses to help you practice for the actual CFA exam and become a chartered financial analyst.

1. Wiley CFA Mock Exams


Wiley currently offers practice exams for all 3 levels of the CFA test. Each of these tests is designed to help you with the content and format of the exam. It’s highly recommended you take each test under a similar time limit to the CFA exam. That way you can focus on developing test taking strategies while you apply your CFA knowledge.

Each test question comes with a detailed answer explanation. Wiley doesn’t just want you to memorize concepts. Instead, they want you to understand why an answer is correct and how to come to that conclusion. Developing these problem solving skills ensures that the test won’t surprise you with unexpected material.

Thanks to all of that, Wiley’s mock exams are some of the bets in the business. I highly recommend them to anyone trying to prepare for the CFA exam.