Did you recently receive your Series 7 license and you’re ready to take the next step in your career? If so, it’s time to take the Series 9 exam and become a General Securities Sales Supervisor!

Naturally, you’d expect such an important exam to be difficult. But don’t worry—there are some great online study guides and resources you can use to help you prepare for your Series 9 exam.

You may be asking questions like, “how do I know which course to choose?” or “are online courses worth the expense?”

We’ve answered those questions below, starting with a list of the best study guides out there for the Series 9 exam. It can be tough to trust an online course — and even the good ones have strengths and weaknesses — so it’s important to find a guide that works well with your learning style.

These guides are all great material for studying alone or using as supplemental material for your course.
Below are the best Series 9 study materials we found:

1. Securities Institute of America Series 9 Study Guide

Securities Institute of America Courses

The Securities Institute of America (SIA) has all the necessary tools to help you pass the Series 9 exam. This exam preparation course includes live instructor-led content that’s far less expensive than many alternatives. It also includes a money-back guarantee, so you should feel safe with your modest educational investment.

Course Details

Securities Institute of America’s programs offer both affordability and quality. SIA lets you customize your package to your liking, so you only have to pay for what you need.

Their recently updated program includes six months of full access to online exams, a 218-page study guide textbook, 750 test questions, and 4 hours of online video classes. But if you don’t need all that and you want to save some money, their Series 9 exam textbook can be purchased on its own for under $100. 

SIA has partnerships with other reputable education companies in order to produce high-quality, reliable, and informative study materials for options traders. It’s a fantastic way to learn the surprisingly complicated concepts and occasionally confusing terminology you’ll encounter as a general securities sales supervisor.

The sample questions included with the instructional lectures and text passages will help you study in realistic testing conditions. Aside from evaluating your knowledge of topics on the securities exam, this feature will help you build confidence in your test-taking ability. 

Another way this course helps you build confidence is with their Greenlight Guarantee. You can entrust your educational needs in this company’s study materials because they offer a full refund if you’re unable to pass the actual exam after trying their simulated Greenlight Exam. You won’t get your time back, but at least your wallet won’t suffer if anything goes wrong!

SIA Series 9 Pros & Cons

  • Includes Greenlight pass guarantee
  • Affordable option with bundles for extra courses and continuing education
  • Materials available in both physical and eBook format

  • Additional fees for live content and eBook

Bottom Line: SIA offers a wide range of sample questions, resources, and helpful tools to effectively prepare for the Series 9 exam and at an affordable price. We recommend trying their bundle package that includes Series 10 prep if you’re interested in going all the way.