The FINRA Series 10 exam is a four-hour, 145-question monster of a test. If you’re considering advancing your career beyond regular sales activities to becoming a general securities sales supervisor, this is an intimidating hurdle to clear. 

Even if you’ve already taken the Series 9 exam, there’s still a lot of new information to cover. Using the right study tools is essential, so how do you find them?

There are plenty of excellent Series 10 study guides out there to choose from that will give you all the information and prep you need to pass your exam. There are several well-made exam preparation courses that contain all the vital information you need.

So if you want to avoid having to sit through this four-hour exam more than once, we’ve got you covered! We looked into each program’s price, content, and competitiveness and picked out the five best options below:

#1 Securities Institute of America

Securities Institute of America Exam Prep

The Securities Institute of America is dedicated to offering the best possible training for their clients— and they’ve got the stats to prove it.

Their website claims that they have a 90% pass rate for the past 25 years. Their secret is a Greenlight Exam, which guarantees that students who pass will also pass the actual test or receive a full course refund.

Securities Institute of America Features

  • 1,800 Practice Questions
  • Customize Practice Exams in 15 Different Ways
  • 12 Hours of Video Instruction
  • 250+ Page Ebook
  • Checkpoint Exams and Greenlight Exams
  • Pass Guarantee or Full Refund

Course Details

Securities Institute of America offers two different test prep packages. Their basic package is $249; it includes a study guide and a practice exam. This is a great resource if you’re self-motivated, pressed for time, and don’t need a ton of extra features.

But if you’re looking for extra features, you may want to consider their second option:

If you need a little more help, check out their Complete Self Study Solution package for about $30 more. In addition to the study guide and practice exam, this adds 11 hours of video instruction for more hands-on help with the numerous topics included on this difficult qualification exam.

No matter what choice you make, Securities Institute of America will let you access their test bank for up to six months. You can also buy their materials individually if you’re not interested in the packages— but they also have a fantastic Series 9 and 10 bundle offer that we highly recommend.

SIA Series 10 Pros & Cons

  • Greenlight Guarantee: One standout feature of Securities Institute of America’s FINRA prep courses is their Greenlight Exam and Greenlight Guarantee. Since it’s designed to be a realistic simulation of the actual exam, you’re guaranteed to earn a similar score on your real exam to your score on the Greenlight Exam. Think of it as a dry run before the live performance!
  • Choose Your Study Method: If you want an affordable and simplified study package, I recommend the Series 10 Textbook & Exam Prep Software package— it comes with a textbook and exam simulator. However, it doesn’t cost much more for a fleshed out Complete Self Study Solution package, which adds an Ebook, video training, and a personal study calendar.
  • Bundle Deal: Since you need to take the Series 9 exam alongside the Series 10 to become a General Securities Sales Supervisor, it’s nice that Securities Institute of America includes a bundle deal that offers you a discount on both courses if you buy them together.

  • Access Period: Although 180 days should be enough time for most students to prepare for — and pass — their Series 10 exams, the lack of an unlimited access package with this course is disappointing. Just make sure you can set aside enough time to consistently study over the next nine months and this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Bottom Line: The vast majority of FINRA test takers will get an excellent education from Securities Institute of America. You’re essentially guaranteed a passing score as soon as you sign up.