best series 63 exam prep courses

The Series 63 exam might be an entry-level test into securities certifications, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy test to pass. 

Having the right study materials may be the difference between passing on your first attempt and needing to take the test (and pay testing fees!) several times. 

Investing in the best Series 63 study material is a great way to improve your test-taking chances and to get the results you need right away. A good guide will also help keep track of your progress and monitor your success so that you know when you’re ready to schedule the test. 

Every guide has something a little different to offer students— just like how every student has different study needs. Hence, it’s important to find the best so that you can get your certification as soon as possible. 

Try to keep your learning style and the best study methods for you in mind when you’re choosing between different guides. Keep reading to learn more about the best series 63 guides and to find out which one is best for you!

“Every Series 63 exam study guide has something a little different to offer students— just like how every student has different study needs. Hence, it’s important to find the best fitting course to get your Series 63 license as soon as possible.”

Best Series 63 Exam Prep Courses

  1. Best Overall Series 63 Exam Prep Course: Securities Institute of America
  2. Best Self Study Package: Kaplan Series 63 Prep
  3. Runner-up Best Series 63 Study Guide: Securities Training Corporation
  4. Best Budget Series 63 Study Guide: ExamFX

1. Securities Institute of America Series 63 Exam Prep

Securities Institute of America - FINRA Exam Prep

The Securities Institute of America is one of the best resources for students who want to earn their Series 63 licenses. In part, this is because it’s easy to customize to fit your specific learning needs. If you don’t tend to need a lot of extra exam prep materials, you can go with a more slimmed-down version of the program. 

Alternatively, Securities CE offers packages for students looking for a course that’s more comprehensive. If you want more than the basic knowledge you need just to pass the test, check out their Series 63 Complete Self Study Solution.

This complete exam prep package comes with a textbook, a 4-hour online video course, and an ebook version of the study materials. Also, shipping is free for all physical materials— which is a nice touch. 

Most importantly, this package provides you with access to their text bank of 800 different Series 63 exam practice questions. Why is that so important? Because you’ll have the opportunity to see and study every topic covered on the exam.

Even the more limited versions of this self study program are easily among the best options available; this is especially due to their pass guarantee. However, the addition of flashcards or a streamlined mobile app would be nice additions for modern students.

Securities Institute Series 63 Pros and Cons

  • Physical and Digital: In addition to a large library of online study materials that include video lectures and practice exams, Securities Institute of America’s Complete Self Study Solution includes physical study materials as well. Best of all is that all physical copies of your textbooks and flashcards will be shipped to your location free of charge.
  • Tons of Practice: The test bank included with this FINRA review course has over 800 questions that you can use when creating realistic practice exams. Since the actual Series 63 exam only has 60 questions on it, this means you have enough material to practice the full exam over ten times without repeating a single question!
  • Excellent Bundles: For most professionals in the securities industry, there are several additional FINRA licenses required for their desired careers. Fortunately, Securities Institute of America offers discounted bundles that combine study materials for multiple related licenses— such as Series 7 and Series 63.

  • Access Period: Securities Institute of America advertises unlimited access to all their FINRA course materials— but the truth is that you only have six months before your access expires. It’s unclear what they mean by the phrase “unlimited access,” since there’s a very clear limit to how long you’re allowed to study.

Bottom Line:

If you don’t want to waste any more time and start studying for your uniform securities exams, check out this company’s course catalog. They’re the perfect choice for candidates who are interested in getting multiple certs or just one.

2. Kaplan Series 63 Exam Prep Course

Kaplan FINRA Series  - FINRA Exam Prep

If you’re looking for one of the most up-to-date resources for Series 63 practice questions and tests, Kaplan is a safe bet.

What does that mean?

It means that their content is updated frequently to reflect any changes in testing content and procedures. Ultimately, their test success remains high because they continually offer the best and most current study materials.

Class notes also help make this an extremely helpful resource because you get access to additional learning perspectives as you study. It’s even more impressive when paired with their online video library— instructor-led videos that you can watch as often as you need to absorb the content.

To keep you on track the entire time, Kaplan’s study calendar helps you stay organized and on track to pass in record time. Speaking of passing, the Mastery test gives you an extremely accurate exam simulation, ensuring you’re as prepared as possible to ace your uniform securities exam!

Kaplan Series 63 Pros and Cons

  • Bundle Offers: Like Securitie Institute of America, Kaplan offers convenient bundle deals if you want to prepare for two FINRA exams at once. Depending on your intended career path, feel free to add Series 6 or Series 7 to your study schedule with minimal financial hassle.
  • Live and OnDemand: Kaplan schedules live classes several times a year, so you can always get a traditional learning experience if you want one. But if you can’t attend one of their lectures while it’s live, you can always catch the recorded version on demand.

  • OnDemand Only: Speaking of Kaplan’s live courses, they also offer a version of their Premium Series 63 course that only offers their lectures on demand. However, their Live Online package already includes the on-demand recordings for the same price— so there’s no reason to choose this option at all. The addition of a discount or some kind of extra feature might make this a viable choice in the future.

Bottom Line:

Despite having many appealing features, something that holds Kaplan back from a higher rating is the delay in response time when contacting their instructors. If they allowed you to call instructors directly like STCUSA, they would earn a higher ranking.