Best Series 26 Exam Prep courses

If you want to work at an investment company, you might need to pass the Series 26 exam from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). But it can be challenging to study for and pass this exam; the rules and statutory provisions of relevant legislation are complicated!

There are many Series 26 study guide options available for those seeking to ace this exam. Online courses abound due to their accessibility and affordability; in-person opportunities exist as well for those who need extra support. 

No matter your study needs, there is a Series 26 study guide that will work for you. Keep reading for a short list of our favorite services to help aspiring professionals like you!

#1 Securities Institute of America Series 26 Exam Prep

Securities Institute of America

The Securities Institute of America (SIA) provides one of the most affordable and comprehensive Series 26 study guides. Their Complete Self Study Solution only costs $229, but you can also adjust their package to your specific needs. This allows you to save even more money by choosing one of their smaller packages of printed material or online access.

Course Details

One of the biggest and most reputable financial information publishers, John Wiley & Sons, backs the SIA. Its program includes a textbook, online exams, video classes, and an ebook, with six months of free access to the online portions. If you want a more affordable option, you can get only the book and test questions for $164.98.

To qualify for the SIA guarantee, you must pass the “Greenlight Exam” in the first five days after applying for the Series 26 exam. If you pass this exam but fail your actual Series 26 exam, SIA will refund what you’ve spent on their materials. This is a bit more involved than some other courses’ guarantees, but it’s meant to be an effective indicator of your exam readiness.


  • 850 multiple-choice questions
  • 11 hours of online video class
  • 351-page textbook
  • 6 months unlimited access to videos and test bank
  • Greenlight Pass Guarantee


  • The most comprehensive study guide available
  • Great if you want to customize your study plan
  • Engaging and interactive video lectures


  • One of the more expensive options available

Bottom Line:

The SIA has the best collection of exam practice questions for the Series 26 exam. They are transparent about their offerings and provide a pass guarantee that gives you an additional opportunity to take a practice exam. If you’re looking for the best Series 26 study guide on the market, purchase the SIA’s study guide today!