Are you interested in becoming an Operations Professional? If not, maybe you should be— positions start above $40,000 a year with lots of upward mobility. But in order to get started, you need to pass the FINRA Series 99 securities exam first.

Once you pass, you’ll show employers that you’re qualified to work in customer onboarding, financial control, funds disbursement and more.

If you want to make sure that you’ll pass on your first attempt and start making a competitive salary as soon as possible, check out these excellent Series 99 study guides!

Completing a Series 99 course will give you everything you need to pass the test on your first try. In order to help you pick out a good one, I’ve taken a look at the 5 best prep courses on the market. Each of these has something valuable to offer to any aspiring industry professionals.

1. Securities Institute of America Series 99 Exam Prep

Securities Institute of America Exam Prep

Not only are SIA courses written by highly trained test prep professionals, but they also have the highest pass rates in the industry.

Course Details

The Securities Institute of America is entirely focused on self-study— that means you set the pace and can work through the materials in any order you please. You can follow the course’s recommended schedule to complete everything, but you’re also given free reign to approach your test prep however you want.

In addition to videos and exams, SIA also offers a series of ebooks and study guides. These are a more traditional learning tool and serve as a great way to learn offline. All of these are very easy to read and understand, with individual lessons short enough that you can squeeze in a quick study session when taking a break from something else.

This is also a fantastic choice if you’re trying to fit a specific budget for your prep materials. Purchasing the full course costs $200, but each aspect can be purchased individually if you prefer. Typically, these range from $60-120 for each set of materials. You can also buy a combined SIE Exam+Series 99 course for just $229, which can help you move forward with the next stage of your finance career.

Here are some of the best aspects of the course:

  • Detailed Study Guide
  • Multiple Full-Length Practice Exams
  • 13 Hours of Video Lessons
  • Bonus Ebook
  • 6 Months of Access

SIA Series 99 Pros and Cons

  • Video Classes: SIA’s series 99 class is one of the best exam preparation courses I’ve seen on the market. Lessons are direct and easy to understand; each major point is highlighted by important visuals or formulas on screen. As a result, you’ll use different parts of your brain while studying, which increases the amount of information you’ll memorize in a shorter period of time.
  • Mobile Friendly: All materials included with this course are available on mobile devices. As a result, you can take your learning on the go. Whenever you have free time, just pull out your phone and complete a couple lessons— no need to set aside a huge chunk of time whenever you want to study!
  • Exam-Based Training: SIA courses come with several types of practice tests. Each exam tests your progress in different ways, such as how well you understand each section or gauging if you’re ready to take the qualification exams yet. These tests are issued at key intervals of the course so you can shift your study schedule around based on the results.

  • No Live Content: SIA’s course is entirely based on independent study. If you’re looking for tutoring or any interaction with teachers then you’ll need to check elsewhere. But as long as you know what you’re getting into, the lack of live materials is not that big of a deal.

Bottom Line:

Securities Institute of America has the best online study course for Series 99. Thanks to that, it’s natural that they would end up on the top of this list. Make sure to check them out today!