Anyone interested in becoming a Securities Trader Representative will have to take the Series 57 exam at some point. This FINRA licensing test qualifies you for an entry level position, but that doesn’t mean passing it is easy. 

But much like the Security Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam, you can get some help passing with a well-made prep course.

The best Series 57 study guides will dramatically improve your test score. Each of these prepares you in an effective and efficient way throughout the course. Typically they do so by teaching you test taking strategies, familiarizing you with the exam, and drilling you on test content.

To learn more, check out our reviews for the top 5 resources for practice questions, practice exams, content outlines, video lectures, and other study materials. 

Each of these courses offer different test-taking strategies— so keep that in mind when deciding on which one is right for you!

1. Securities Institute of America Series 57 Study Material

Securities Institute of America Exam Prep

The Securities Institute of America currently offers the best all around study guide for the Series 57 exam. That’s because they offer a wide range of content spread across multiple formats. Each course option is based on both what type of content you like and how much help you need.

  • The first option on offer is exam prep software. This is a practice test program with over 1,200 questions. Basically, it’s perfect for anyone interested in working on the multiple choice format of the upcoming exam.
  • Next up is a series of textbooks and ebooks. These are a more traditional way of studying; it’s perfect if you prefer to study at your own pace in a more comfortable environment.
  • Finally, there’s a video training class. This is a series of HD videos designed to mimic the classroom experience, which is a very effective way to learn the material.

If you’re interested in all of the above, Securities Institute of America also offers a comprehensive self study package that includes everything. Check this out if you want an in depth learning experience.

One of the best features Securities Institute of America provides, however, is their Greenlight Guarantee. This involves one final practice exam before completing their course. If you pass this exam but fail the real test, you’ll be entitled to a full refund. But since this exam is such an accurate portrayal of your exam, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll need to take them up on this offer!

Securities Institute Series 57 Pros and Cons

  • Reputable Affiliations: This FINRA review course partnered with Wiley to develop their Series 57 study materials, which is a big deal. This company has provided high-quality test prep resources for accounting and finance students for over two centuries, and they’re known for combining old and new learning techniques for impressive results.
  • Guarantee: Securities Institute of America guarantees that you’ll be able to pass the Series 57 exam if you’re able to earn a passing grade on their Greenlight Exam. It’s designed to be identical to the actual test, so you basically get a dress rehearsal well before your exam date.
  • Powerful Simulator: Although this company is partnered with a longstanding traditional education provider, their online exam simulator is cutting-edge and uses modern web design to provide a seamless study experience. You can take unlimited practice tests populated by random questions pulled from a huge library of questions.

  • Sold Separately: Although many of Securities Institute of America’s study materials are included in their Complete Self-Study Solution and Complete Video Package, they’re also available as standalone purchases. However, the difference in cost is so vast that you’re far better off getting a complete package— a textbook or ebook costs roughly the same, which is ridiculous.

Bottom Line: For the best collection of Series 57 exam questions and other study content, this is our top choice. Consider Securities CE before any other option and you’ll maximize your chances of passing!