The examination to become a U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Accounting Institute Seminars (AIS) is dedicated to helping candidates join the profession by passing the exam.


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If you have questions as you study these self study books, we invite you to ask the authors directly. Just tell us the name of the AIS self study book and the page number you are studying.


Most of our self study CPA exam books are available on-line, for download to your computer. The electronic version is less expensive than paper books. You can magnify pages on your screen, fill the screen (view – full screen), search for terms (edit – search), and print pages. Best of all, you can start studying it now instead of waiting days for it to arrive!

Click here for the complete list of our CPA review books currently available as E-BOOKS.

Paper books and Ebooks for each exam section:

1. CPA Review of Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) $60 paper, $43 electronic)

2. CPA Review of Auditing and Attestation (AUD) $60 paper, $43 electronic)

3. CPA Review of Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) $60 paper, $43 electronic)

4. CPA Review of Regulation (REG) $60 paper, $43 electronic)

Subtopic books in the Business Environment exam section (BEC):

6. Cost and Managerial Accounting ($50 paper, $35 electronic)

7. Accounting Applications of Present Value (for both BEC and FAR exam sections) $50 paper, $35 electronic)

Subtopic (different questions than the books above) books in Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR):

5. FAR Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting $50 paper, $35 electronic)

7. Accounting Applications of Present Value (for both BEC and FAR exam sections) $50 paper, $35 electronic)

8. Advanced Financial Accounting Topics ($50 paper, $35 electronic)

9. Balance Sheet Measurement Topics $50 paper, $35 electronic)

10. Income Statement Recognition Topics $50 paper, $35 electronic)

Each of the books listed above is a detailed review of the important elements of that topic, containing text, examples, and numerous questions, problems, and/or essays for you to work after studying the accompanying material. Answers with explanations are included for you to check your work. The books are designed for you to study at your own speed, grading your own work.


Your study program is important to us. We ship self study books by FedEx (and you can track your package at that Fed-Ex web site!) to your company address, with guaranteed two to three day delivery. Please tell us if you would prefer shipment by U.S. Mail or if you desire express delivery.

If you decide to use our paper self study books, they will be sent to you in a 3 ring binder. We print them as the orders come in, so we don’t have to send people an out of date book just to get it off the shelf. And we are constantly making changes to them. People who have used previous editions tell us that with the binder they took whole chapters out to carry in their briefcase to read over lunch, on planes, in airports, on trains, etc. They also liked the binder because they could insert their solutions to problems right in the book. Finally, with the binder they could study just a few pages at a time instead of trying to work from a thick book.

Add shipping per order ($15 in the U.S.) (Federal Express to arrive at your U.S. company address in two to three days)

If you are using our self study books, we invite you to ask your study questions by e-mail directly to either of the authors.

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People often ask what the CPA exam self study books are like. For an example of a summary from the workbook of a rule likely to be tested, see Summary from FAR self study book.

Do the AIS self study books work? Here are e-mail grade reports from several AIS students.

If you would like to know more about AIS, see answers to questions frequently asked about AIS.

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