Real estate agents need a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in order to be successful. In order to stay in business, a real estate agency needs pipeline management tools to ensure they’re always generating leads, while accommodating existing clients at the same time.

This is a difficult juggling act for any service-based business, not just the real estate industry. Fortunately, there are a lot of great online resources for CRM with helpful automation features and mobile apps. However, there are a lot of software companies that claim to provide excellent CRM for real estate— which can make it tough to pick just one.

If you need some help keeping track of your clients, take a look at my list of the best real estate CRM software currently available. Depending on your specific needs, the products listed below outclass everything else being offered on any social media ad or app store.

So save yourself some time and check out one of these real estate CRM resources instead!

Keep reading for more in-depth reviews and recommendations of each product:

#1 Propertybase CRM

Property Base Logo

Propertybase makes an excellent first impression for any realtor. Their lead management platform boasts multiple useful features beyond simply storing contact information. This is because they want you to be as successful as possible— good business for you means more money for them. Additionally, they’ve built their platform to be easy to use and hassle-free.

So what are the additional features included with this real estate CRM software?

First is their excellent Salesforce framework integration. Propertybase provides several customization options for your contact management layout, enabling you to add as many plugins as you need. They also include several quality of life features such as mass emails. They’ve even integrated lead generation into their site with BoldLeads in order to further help you out.

Propertybase has an inexpensive option that includes a solid IDX integrated CRM platform for a monthly subscription. But if you want more out of this all-in-one service, you’re going to need to shell out some extra money to add a website and lead generation features. This is nice because it means you can fit Propertybase into your CRM budget regardless of its size.

With that being said, Propertybase can be fairly expensive. It doesn’t help that some of their best features are locked behind the higher payment tier, and that it’s charged monthly. However, it’s worth paying the price if you can afford it, and they have a free trial to get your foot in the door.

Bottom Line

Propertybase is currently the best real estate CRM in the business. This market leader includes multiple quality of life features that no one else does. These features will make it easier for any commercial real estate professionals to generate — and keep — high-quality leads!

#2 Contactually Review

Contactually Logo

The biggest selling point for Contactually is how they find real estate business leads outside of your current sphere of influence. By helping improve your email marketing and automation, they go a long way to help you step out of any self-imposed filter bubbles. What’s even better is that they have a straightforward and easy to use CRM platform to accomplish these tasks.

There are a few key ways Contactually provides an ideal commercial real estate CRM solution to its customers:

First and foremost is their emphasis on marketing. In order to maximize your profits, they offer several initiatives and communication tools for your marketing campaigns. You’re reminded to follow up with clients through a built-in “follow up score.” This handy reminder ensures that you’ll never neglect the important aspects of communication when it comes to your sales pipeline.

Contactually has different pricing plans, each with a variation if you’re paying monthly or yearly. The first one is the basic Professional plan, which provides the bare essential CRM features. Next up is the Acceleration option, which includes extra support and lead nurturing content. If you plan on using their services for a long time, you can save big this way.

Although this course can take a lot out of your real estate business budget, there are inexpensive options that are perfectly functional— just without some extra bells and whistles. And if you pay annually instead of monthly, you’ll receive a pretty nice discount. So while it can be a strain on your wallet, Contactually takes steps to ease the financial impact, including a free trial.

Bottom Line

Contactually is an excellent option for people trying to get a little more out of their real estate lead marketing campaigns. The email marketing tools are impressive and can be tremendously beneficial— same goes for their contact management features. If you sign up for their Acceleration package, the returns on your investment will be well worth the money spent.

#3 LionDesk CRM Reviews

Lion Desk Logo

LionDesk offers a straightforward and efficient CRM for you to use; it doesn’t come overloaded with gimmicks and it understands how to do its job well. Plus, the areas they do focus on tend to be more developed than companies that spread themselves thin by trying to include too many things at once. 

Basically, the best word to describe this service is simplicity. Here’s why:

LionDesk ensures that it has an easy to grasp learning curve for their customers. Most people are familiar with the available tools in a matter of hours, making for an extremely efficient small resource. On top of that, they have an excellent contact management system that includes features like bulk texting. 

Another unique aspect of this real estate platform is that it lets you create custom information fields in contact profiles. This will make it easier for you to remember the finer details of your new leads at all times.

Additionally, LionDesk is the most affordable real estate CRM software on this list. There are two tiers: Pro and Pro Plus. Both are under $50, making it extremely difficult to turn this offer down. That being said, they don’t offer any kind of annual subscription discount like other services listed here— but that’s not a huge deal breaker considering how inexpensive it is.

Unfortunately, overuse of CRM tools can seriously clutter up your work. It doesn’t help that LionDesk doesn’t have many warnings or efficiency-minded features to help you with that. You’ll have to figure out on your own what is and isn’t worth keeping, which can lead to a lot of lost time.

Bottom Line

LionDesk is an excellent no frills option for a real estate agent looking to save money. They focus on what they’re good at and it pays off. Make sure to check them out if you’ve had bad experiences in the past and want a less annoying CRM platform.

#4 Follow Up Boss CRM Review

Follow Up Boss Logo

Follow Up Boss focuses heavily on an area often neglected by other companies: real estate teams. Everything about this CRM suite has been designed to specifically help teams work together on leads in real-time. This is done primarily by making all aspects of its service assignable to different team members — including its user interface — which lets you compartmentalize and split up the workload in an easy fashion.

Here are a few other ways this real estate CRM software helps you out:

Follow Up Boss also includes a great deal of integration and marketing automation. Again, this frees up extra time for team members to work on other aspects and generally makes everything run easier. Essentially, this professional tool is designed as an easier way to get teamwork done with minimal hassle.

Due to its focus on collaboration, this CRM software’s price is based on your team’s size. 3 or fewer users will pay one price, while 5-person teams will need to pay another. They also support larger team sizes with similar increases in price. Fortunately, these costs even out to be very affordable when split per user.

Ultimately, Follow Up Boss’ downside is the same as its upside— it’s a team tool. Hence, individual realtors won’t find it very useful for their work and will struggle to keep up with competitors. Plus, the price may be a bit too high to justify if it isn’t being split among a team.

Bottom Line

Get this CRM if you’re working in a team; it’s currently the best option for that purpose. If you prefer to work alone, however, you’re going to want to try Propertybase or LionDesk instead, depending on your budget.

#5 Realvolve CRM

Realvolve Logo

Realvolve is unique due to the highly automated focus of its service. As much of its process has been streamlined that’s possible. This way, you can focus on more important aspects of your work, especially those that require a personal touch.

To do this, a workflow is created for almost every task on the platform: emails, text messages, mailer campaigns, and so on. You can even automate certain paperwork for your team. On top of that, Realvolve has a massive library of templates and pre-written material, which allows you to work swiftly and efficiently at all times.

Much like Follow Up Boss, Realvolve bases their pricing on team size. This comes in the form of four different payment plans: Pro, Pro+, Team, and Large Team. The Pro package is the least expensive and is intended for individual real estate agents, while Pro+ costs almost five times more and is meant for teams of up to 5. The team package costs a bit more than Pro+ and is intended for up to ten users; this is definitely the best deal if you’ve got a large group of professionals. Larger teams need to contact Realvolve for pricing.

While this service is certainly handy, it doesn’t have the best visual design. This can lead to clarity issues in some cases, although those can easily be worked out. Plus it’s missing a few integration features that can lead to a bit of extra busywork, which is pretty strange for such an automation-heavy service.

Bottom Line

Realvolve is a good option for people who like automation in their work. You’ll be able to focus on personal aspects of the job and more essential duties once the easier work is put in a workflow. Additionally, this is a solid choice for 10-person teams due to the reasonable group price.

#6 IXACT Contact Review


Next up, we have IXACT Contact. They offer a service similar to Propertybase by focusing on a wide range of strong features. This includes lead generation and social media tools. Using this service will definitely help you get the edge on your competition thanks to these, as well as some other smartly designed aspects on its platform.

To start with, everything has been designed with laser focus— no cutesy names for different features or a mess of menus to get lost in. You know immediately what every tool is and how to use it. In addition, they automatically include social media info for your contacts and place them in their profile. That cuts out a lot of legwork and helps you get connected faster.

Something that’s really nice about IXACT Contact is that it has a highly customizable price tag. Your monthly payment is based on which services you’re interested in, which means you can choose to pay anything between $33 to $500 a month. Check out their pricing page yourself for more info, or sign up for a free trial to get some hands-on experience.

Unfortunately, IXACT Contact doesn’t have much to offer in terms of integration. That means you might need to use a few other outside platforms to hold additional information. Needless to say, that can get clunky fast if you aren’t careful with your organization.

Bottom Line

IXACT Contact offers several strong contact management features with customizable monthly pricing. Plus, they offer a free 6 months of their service to agents who’ve been licensed for under a year. So if you’re just starting out as a realtor, this deal simply can’t be ignored.

#7 WiseAgent

Much like Realvolve, Wise Agent focuses heavily on automation in its design. Doing so saves you a ton of money and dramatically cuts down on time-wasting busywork. This way, your real estate agency can manage more leads without the quality of your work suffering.

Wise Agent uses a couple of key tools in its contact management automation process that make this possible:

To start, Wise Agent’s lead automation system pulls essential social data from a customer’s email. Consequently, leads are generated automatically based on what the customer needs. Additionally, the automated system for drip marketing campaigns ensures that all of your customers receive fresh and relevant content. 

Of course, these aren’t the only tools you can use. Wise Agent is highly customizable and can implement any other third party software tools you need.

If you’re interested in Wise Agent, you’ll have the option to either pay per month or annually for their tools. Should you choose the first choice, you’ll be charged $29 a month. However, the annual option is a much better value since it only costs $299 a year— which means you’re only being charged for 10 months.

The one downside with automated tools is they can feel impersonal to your customers. You’ll have to put in a lot more work on your end to keep them interested after your drip campaigns get the ball rolling.

Bottom Line

WiseAgent is an excellent choice for a blend of automated pipeline management tools and personal methods. Many professionals can use the customization to their advantage, adding a personal touch to their real estate businesses.

#8 Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a real estate marketing service intended to keep your leads active. They do this primarily through group tools that ensure that nothing remains idle for too long. Plus, the built-in lead activity tracker serves as a great reminder of what content management still needs to be done.

It can be easy to forget about some of your leads when you’re dealing with a high volume of customers. Real Geeks don’t want that to happen, which is why they have a couple of contact management tools to ensure that each lead gets the attention it needs. 

To start, lead routing is automatically based on relevant client information, including source and geographic location. That way, real estate agents aren’t expected to tackle leads outside of their area. Additionally, idle leads are automatically reassigned to other real estate professionals— ensuring you don’t miss out on any real estate marketing opportunities while keeping your lead generation and sales pipeline running smoothly.

Unfortunately, Real Geeks is pretty expensive. It currently costs $249 a month to use their service. That may be worth it to a larger real estate firm, but it might be a tough sell for a smaller commercial real estate company.

Bottom Line

As I stated before, Real Geeks is an excellent option for a larger company. Their tools are focused on preventing leads from staying idle, so you’ll get more out of it if you work with a high volume of clients.

#9 Rethink CRM

What makes Rethink unique is its focus on teamwork and sharing information. Most of their tools provide some way to collaborate with other agents in your firm. Plus, they allow you to more effectively manage any teams that you run. It’s a bit like Follow Up Boss in that way.

In order to encourage effective teamwork, Rethink allows you to quickly share important information with your firm through their automated notifications. Doing so ensures that everyone is on the same pace moving forwards. On top of that, you can also manage projects by creating Action Plans for your teams. This can help you meet deadlines with time to spare.

Rethink’s commercial real estate CRM software starts at $99 a month. However, this price can vary based on what features you’re interested in using and what you don’t need. If you want to try out their service and get an estimate for it, then you should book a free demo.

Despite all the upsides, Rethink’s focus on teams makes them less attractive to smaller firms. If your team of real estate professionals typically work independently, then there’s no point in trying to set them up with team tools. Instead, it’s better to double down on what makes them individually effective as real estate agents.

Bottom Line

Rethink offers a great package for larger firms. Their teamwork tools and automation make work much easier for each agent. However, smaller firms should consider a different CRM software.

Real Estate CRM FAQs

Q: What does CRM stand for?

A: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s an important facet of any service-based industry, including real estate and project management.

Q: What is a CRM used for in real estate?

A: A CRM tool is used to help you interact with leads, prospects, and existing customers. It does so by keeping all customer information on file. Doing so ensures that companies can keep on top of their relationships with their customers.

Q: What Problems does a CRM solve?

A: Using CRM for real estate speeds up the process of your workflow. That’s because it automates a process that used to be a huge time sink. Additionally, it helps you stay organized even as you’re working with multiple clients.

Q: How do I choose the best CRM for me?

A: There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when choosing real estate CRM software.  Any new software you gain must integrate well with your workflows. Also, customization is important for any business. Finally, make sure whatever you choose is within your budget.

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